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2018 Event Kit

We are excited to announce the 2018 event kit.  It goes arm in arm with this year’s theme.  Of course, we get together in the summer, so representing another season seemed appropriate.  This year’s kit is a snowman.  The designer of this year’s kit is Bryan Bonahoom.  Bryan has previously contributed the green lantern event kit in 2013 and the GBC workshop kits in 2014 and 2016.  This year’s kit consists of 225 pieces and will sell for $20+tax.  There are 100 copies of the set produced.  In order to purchase a set, you must be registered for and attend Brickworld Chicago.

Announcing the Brickworld LUG Network

Brickworld is excited to be adding a new twist to event organization for 2018 and beyond.  We are creating the Brickworld LUG Network!  Does that sound familiar?  It is kind of a spin on the LEGO Ambassador Network concept.  The idea is to have 1 member from each LUG that participates in Brickworld events to be the ambassador of that LUG in the forum.  This ambassador will help communicate new ideas and activities from Brickworld to the LUG and from the LUG to Brickworld throughout the year.

We think this will vastly improve communication with LUG members planning to attend Brickworld.  Since in the past we have relied on emails that are generally sent to people that have registered, this will help us reach people that haven’t registered yet.  It will also streamline communication with the LUGs when it comes to displays and the layout.  The major benefit is that it will give us the ability to communicate with LUGs long before registration opens and it will help us all in planning the fun for the convention in Schaumburg.

So, we are looking for a member from each LUG to represent the LUG in this forum as the ambassador.  While we don’t care what member you choose, we recommend that it not be the LEGO ambassador as that person is already doing a lot for your LUG and sharing the effort is a great way to get more people involved.

We will be starting LUG Network activity very soon.  So, if your LUG wants to be involved (and we hope you all do), please send an email to Bryan if you have his address or use the contact us link on the Brickworld web site to let us know your name, your LUG, # of members in the LUG, and where the LUG is located.  Bryan will add you to the private forum and we can get this started!

We hope you share our excitement about this new addition to the event communication.

IndyLUG Food Drive LEGO Exposition

Brickworld is excited to be partnered with IndyLUG to organize the fist annual IndyLUG Food Drive LEGO Expo!  The goal is to collect non-perishable food items for the Hamilton County Harvest Food Bank.  We are also supported by the Good Samaritan Network in helping prepare for the show.  The city of Fishers was kind enough to donate the use of Saxony Hall to make this possible.   We hope you can make it out to the show to support a wonderful cause!

Does Your LUG/LTC Display at Brickworld?

We are trying to update our club list on the Brickworld web site.  If your LUG displays at a Brickworld event and you are not on this list, please let us know if you would like to be added and provide the proper name of the club, a web page link, a Facebook page/group link, and a Flickr photo pool link if you have them so we can get all the information out there.  If your club is already on the list and we don’t have all of your links, please send them to us.  Thanks for your help!

2018 Theme for Brickworld Chicago

We are happy to announce “Seasons” as the theme for Brickworld Chicago 2018.

The coordinators believe that this theme lends itself to many opportunities for building.  When the theme was finally selected, Bryan commented that “It feels sentimental.  Brickworld has felt like it has gone through seasons over the years just like people do in life.  It seems like next June will be the summer of Brickworld”

We can’t wait to see what people do with this in their builds next year!

Brickworld Chicago 2018 will be held June 13 – 17, 2018 at the Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center in Schaumburg, IL

Brickworld Chicago Walk Through

Beyond the Brick has once again published a walk-through of the display hall at Brickworld Chicago.  With 100,000 square feet in the hall, it was a long process.  So, if you have 2 hours and 40 minutes, kick back and enjoy the video!  If you weren’t at the show, you missed a lot of very cool builds that you can see in this video.  Enjoy!

2017 Brickworld Awards

World of Lights photo of Picnic in the Park. Photo Credit: Evan Bordessa

Congratulations to all of the award winning MOCs at Brickworld 2017.

You can see them all here if you missed them at the event.  As always, we are amazed by the creativity and building skills of all of the builders at Brickworld events.

Brickworld 2017 GBC Workshop Module Parts List

We are happy to announce that all 80 of the GBC workshop slots have been filled.  Normally there are only 30 slots.  So, we were pushing it this year.  Since all 80 are filled, that means if you still want to participate in the workshop, you will need to kit up your own parts and just show up.  So, we are posting the parts list for you.

If you aren’t coming to Brickworld, instructions will be made available via the great ball contraption web site at a later date.  If you are in the workshop, you will get instructions.

Brickworld 2017 Convention Important Information

We hope that everyone is ready.  This coming week will be busy, crazy fun for everyone!

Here is some information that we hope you find helpful:

  • Official check-in times are shown below.  These are the hours when the registration desk will definitely be open.  Please plan to check in (and get your badges) during these times.

Wednesday, June 14, 1 – 7 PM
Thursday, June 15, 8 AM – 7:30 PM
Friday, June 16, 8 AM – 8 PM

  • A photo ID will be required to check in.  Only one person in your group will need to show their ID, and they will need to be 18 or older.
  • Minors (those under 18) will ONLY be allowed to check in with their registered parent/guardian.
  • You will receive your badge and goody bag (Full Registrants) at the Registration Desk, located outside the Exploration Hall.  If you have MOC Cards or a merchandise order, you will receive those also.
  • You are required to wear your printed Brickworld badge during all Brickworld activities…including Thursday & Friday.  An engraved brick badge is not an acceptable form of ID for entrance to Brickworld activities.  With nearly 1,000 convention attendees, the security personnel at the door can’t be expected to recognize all of your faces.
  • The event schedule will be posted near the check in area, and it will be in your program.  You can also see in on-line here and in visual form here.
  • Hotel check-in is 4 PM if you are staying at the Renaissance.
  • Wi-Fi is free in the hotel lobby.
  • More hotel information is available here.
  • Donation items for the fundraiser may be dropped off at the registration desk. Please print and complete the auction form.  We appreciate all of your support for the charity fundraiser.
  • Goody bags will be assembled in the foyer in front of Discovery/Exploration Hall Wednesday starting at 10 AM.  We will also be putting table cloths on tables at the same time.  Feel free to stop in and help or just say hello.  The more, the merrier!!
  • Thank you to everyone that has signed up to volunteer at the event online (there are still a few slots available here).  We really appreciate your help!  It is important that you show up for your volunteer spots and we trust that you will.  So, you will receive your volunteer gifts when you check in for the show (kind of an honor system).  This is simply a lot easier to do logistically.
  • Awards judging begins at noon on Friday.  So, if you want to make sure your creation is seen by the judges, be ready by noon Friday.  If you are later, it might get missed.  The judges do their best to look at everything.

If you missed the Logistics post last week, you can find it here.  Anyone vending or displaying should definitely read the post.  And, it wouldn’t hurt to read it even if you aren’t doing either of these things.

It is difficult to add this part:  In today’s world, there is always the potential for bad things to happen in good places.  We are all carrying in a lot of boxes, backpacks, etc.  If you see someone that looks out of place, seek out Brickworld staff or hotel staff and inform them.  And, remember our policy on theft.  If you are caught pilfering at a vendor booth or anywhere else, you will be removed from the event immediately, banned from future Brickworld events, and possibly have the authorities contacted.  Theft is not a huge issue.  But it is a larger problem during non-public hours than during public hours.  Please help watch over displays for any odd behavior.

We are looking forward to a wonderful event!  We will see you next week!

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