Workshops shown are 2014 workshops.  2015 workshops have not been confirmed at this time.  Information on this page is subject to change without notice

Building Sumo Robots with Mindstorms
Led by: Peter Guenther
This is a free form workshop where you can construct a sumo robot for the sumo competition at Brickworld. There will be several Mindstorms & sumo robot experts on hand to assist you in building and programming your robot. There is no limit to participation if you bring your own Mindstorms kit. There will be several kits provided for use (number is 8) and signup is to work with these kits. Participants should be at least 8 years old. You can work as teams.

(pre-registration required to borrow one of the available Mindstorms kits.  No limit to participation and no sign up required if you bring your own Mindstorms kit and parts)
(only one person should sign up if you plan to work as a team with one of the available kits)
Build Your Own Mosaic
Led by: Jeremy Moody
Have you ever wondered how the some of the best LEGO mosaics are designed? Have you wanted to build one yourself? In this workshop you will learn everything you need to know to design your own mosaic. We will talk about various techniques in design, including computer aided design - where one method is better than another, etc. You will even get a chance to build your own full color mosaic to show at Brickworld and take home at the end of the event!

Please only register *one* person per "team." All ages are welcome, but children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. The mosaics built in the workshop will stay on display for the entire public exhibition. If you are unable to stay for the entire duration of the event, your mosaic will be mailed to you after the event.

(pre-registration required to build: limit of 20 individuals/teams + $30 per team for material cost)
(only one person per team should sign up if it will be a team activity)
Introduction to Animation
Led by: David Pickett & David Pagano
Building for display is not quite the same as building for cinema… A brick filming primer, this workshop offers a look at the more animated side of the LEGO hobby. Come see a variety of innovative films; learn techniques for set up, construction, and animation with LEGO; and take part in a hands-on demonstration where you can try your hand at bringing minifigs to life.

(no limitations or requirements - no sign up required)

Great Ball Contraption Workshop
Led by: Brian Alano & Rafe Donahue
This workshop will introduce you to the construction of a module for the Great Ball Contraption. After completing the build of this module, yours will be added to the GBC for the weekend. Instructions will be provided along with discussion of the important features of a GBC module.

(to actively participate you will need pre-register for kit of parts (limit of 30 kits)(cost $30) or bring your own kit of parts (list is TBD - do not pre-register either)
(If a team plans to use a kit, only one person from the team needs to sign up)
Advanced Mosaic Techniques
Led by: Roy Cook & Alice Leber-Cook
Roy Cook leads this workshop with a look at the next level of techniques in constructing a mosaic. Roy says: In this workshop we shall examine some advance mosaic techniques (such as those used in his Aayla Secura mosaic, Johnny Cash mosaic, Reese Witherspoon mosaic, and his Halle Berry mosaic, all displayed at previous Brickworld events. In particular, various techniques for blending color, and using non-rectangular elements to achieve this and other effects, will be discussed.

(pre-registration required to build with a limit of 6 individuals/teams)
(If a team plans to participate, only one person from the team needs to sign up)

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