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Led by The LEGOLAND Discovery Center
This session is a learning experience to expose kids to common building terms and techniques. It is designed for 6 - 10 year olds and will include hands on building, testing and more with model builders from LEGOLAND Discovery Center!

Community: Teen Fan of LEGO Discussion
Led by Olivia Donahue
Teens are the future adult fans of LEGO. This discussion provides a forum for teens to share their ideas and create relationships that will carry forward as they start to be the driving force behind the fan events. Olivia will facilitate the discussion with key questions that she will open for group discussion.

Community: The LEGO Community Team
Led by Kevin Hinkle & Kim Thomsen from the LEGO Group
Did you know that there is an entire department at The LEGO Group dedicated to supporting the adult fan of LEGO® (AFOL) community? Join Kevin Hinkle, Senior Community Coordinator, and Kim Thomsen, European Community Coordinator, from The LEGO Group as they provide an introduction into who they are and what the LEGO Community team is all about. This session will provide an in-depth look into all the support programs and opportunities the team offers the AFOL community such as the LUG Support program and the LEGO LUGBULK program. Questions are welcomed and encouraged.

Community: FFOL Roundtable
Led by Ashley Holley
Open forum for Female Fans of LEGO (FFOLs) of all ages. A great chance to meet other FFOLs and chat about what we love to do - build! We will also discuss ideas for presentations, collaborative builds, competitions, workshops and other FFOL focused activities for Brickworld 2014.

Technique: What's in Your LEGO Toolbox?
Led by Chris Florian
When building our Lego creations we all have our favorite tools. It may only be a Lego brick separator or two (or three or forty). But, as we work with these magical plastic bricks we find that a brick separator alone (or in large numbers) just isn't enough.

For the seminar portion of this presentation Chris will go over: His classifications for Lego tools, the contents of his LEGO Toolbox, and tools that others have shared with him. In the discussion portion, Chris is looking to YOU to share the tools you created or found that helped make your LEGO MOC dream a reality!

As an added bonus: Chris will also demo a couple cool (illegal) builds that I have found both fun and useful.

Community: Using LEGO in Community Organizations
Led by Mike McDermott
Mike has used LEGO several times in his 5 years as a Cub Scout Leader. He would like would like to share that knowledge of how to be successful at this and discuss other uses of LEGO to help organizations achieve their goals.

Technique: Behind the Scenes of The LEGO Movie
Led by David Pickett from Nightly News at Nine and David Pagano from Paganomation
You've seen the LEGO Movie multiple times, but you still have questions. How did they make the CGI look so realistic? What role did AFOLs play in creating it? Exactly how much of it is stop-motion animation? And most importantly of all: "Where are my pants?" Luckily for you, Cinema Co-Coordinators David and David are here to dissect the movie piece by piece.

Community: Bricklink
Led by Alice Finch from Bricklink
This round table discussion is open to Bricklink sellers, Bricklink buyers, and potential Bricklink buyers. Come participate in an open discussion about Bricklink and provide feedback directly to Bricklink personnel.

Technique: LEGO in Contemporary Art
Led by Roy Cook
This would be an examination of how non-AFOL contemporary artists have incorporated LEGO into their work in various ways.

Community: LEGO Ideas, Turning Your LEGO Ideas Into Reality
Led by: Tim Courtney from the LEGO Group
LEGO Ideas (formerly CUUSOO) has grown from a pilot in Japan to a vibrant creative community and growing portfolio of fan-inspired LEGO products, but making this- and your- dreams a reality has been more challenging than it looks. Come hear some highlights, complexities, lessons learned, and thoughts for the future from LEGO Ideas Community Manager Tim Courtney. Questions are welcomed and encouraged.

Community: The LEGO Ambasador Network
Led by Kevin Hinkle and Kim Thomsen from the LEGO Group
What is a LEGO Ambassador? The LEGO Ambassador Network is an initiative driven by the LEGO Community Team to strengthen relationships and networking between the adult fan of LEGO (AFOL) community and The LEGO Group. Join Kevin Hinkle, Senior Community Coordinator, and Kim Thomsen, European Community Coordinator, from The LEGO Group as they provide an in-depth look at this program. Currently active LEGO Ambassadors in attendance at this event are highly encouraged to attend this presentation. Questions are welcomed and encouraged.

Technique: Building in the Round
Led by Scot Thompson
Have you ever wondered how to construct a round building or a round roof? Join Scot as he explains how he creates round structures from square bricks.

Community: Robotics in Education
Led by Steve Hassenplug
Join Steve and other robotics experts to discuss the value of robotics in education and the flexibility offered by the educational tools available today, including LEGO MINDSTORMS and VEX IQ. Steve will offer his personal insight into the ways you can get started on a path to better inclusion of robotics in the educational process.

Technique: Great Ball Contraption
Led by Tom Atkinson
What is this GBC stuff and where do we go from here? This round table discussion is an extension of what was started last year with the introduction to GBC. Topics to include reliability, testing, bypassing schemes, how to get more Mindstorms back into GBC, where to get new movement ideas and how can we grow GBC without Tom going insane.

Technique: LEGOnometry
Led by Peter Strege
Learn how to apply simple trigonometry to create geometrically complex yet strong and “legal” structures. Pete will review some relevant math, demonstrate implementation within LEGO Digital Designer (LDD), and show how these techniques could be applied to various genres.

Technique: Brick Geometry
Led by Bill Ward
Understand the basic reasons why your favorite SNOT (Studs Not On Top) techniques work, and learn all about how the dimensions of LEGO elements can be combined in creative and perhaps surprising ways to create just the shape you need for your next MOC.

Technique: LDC Master Model Builder Insights
Led by David Howard Master Model Builder from the LDC
This session affords you an opportunity to hear from a Master Model Builder from LEGOLAND Discovery Center about what he does on a daily basis as the site’s Master Model Builder. The presentation will also feature a few behind the scenes looks at how LDCs create their models for all the LEGO parks. And, of course, you get to ask questions and dream about your opportunity!

Community: LDC General Manager Insights
Led by Nick Miller GM from the LDC
Did you ever wonder what it takes to make a LEGOLAND Discovery Center operate 365 days a year? Come and hear some inside information from the Chicago LDC General Manager about what makes LEGOLAND tick. Don't be shy, at the end of the presentation there will be an opportunity to ask plenty of questions!

Technique: Microscale Architecture
Led by Rocco Buttliere
Come join Rocco as he discusses the challenges of engineering at such a small scale, and (somewhat theoretically) where the architecture comes into play in terms of design aesthetic and how that relates to element usage.

Community: Extreme LEGO Shopping
Led by EJ Bocan
Come join EJ as he talks about the different retail stores, shopping strategies, where and how to get the best deals... Some tips and tricks. He takes the motto "Never pay retail for LEGO unless you HAVE to" seriously and would love to share extreme shopping techniques with other AFOLs.

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