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Community: Kidsworld
Led by Arthur Gugick
This session is a learning experience to expose kids to common building terms and techniques. It is designed for 6 - 10 year olds and will include hands on building, testing and more with a former Brickworld Master.

Community: Teen Fan of LEGO Discussion
Led by Joshua Hanlon
Teens are the future adult fans of LEGO. This discussion provides a forum for teens to share their ideas and create relationships that will carry forward as they start to be the driving force behind the fan events. Josh will facilitate the discussion with key questions that he will open for group discussion. The focus this year will be on use of the internet to stay involved year round.

Community: FFOL Roundtable
Led by Alice Leber-Cook
Open forum for Female Fans of LEGO (FFOLs) of all ages. A great chance to meet other FFOLs and chat about what we love to do - build! We will also discuss ideas for presentations, collaborative builds, competitions, workshops and other FFOL focused activities for Brickworld 2014.

Technique: Microscale Architecture & Urban Modeling
Led by Rocco Buttliere
Rocco will discuss the challenges of engineering at such a small scale and how to relate models and their element usage back to architecture through systematic and aesthetic application of design. The presentation will also include an introduction to the basics of inter-connecting individual models to represent a broader urban environment and the potential challenges of doing so.

Community: LEGO Ideas, Turning Your LEGO Ideas Into Reality
Led by: Tim Courtney from the LEGO Group
LEGO Ideas has grown from a pilot in Japan to a vibrant creative community and growing portfolio of fan-inspired LEGO products, but making this–and your–dreams a reality has been more challenging than it looks. Come hear some highlights, complexities, lessons learned and thoughts for the future from LEGO Ideas Community Manager Tim Courtney. Questions are welcomed and encouraged.

Technique: GBC - Can I Play Too?
Led by Tom Atkinson
Participate in a open guided discussion about various aspects of Great Ball Contraption. Some of the more experienced builders will be encouraged to relate early and recent experiences. Discussion will include how to get started, balls, parts,, and display growing issues. There will also be a lively discussion of the existing specs and why it is important to follow them.

Technique: Introduction to LEGO Digital Designer
Led by John Williams
Have you wanted to start 3D Lego modeling but don’t know how to get started? Then come learn how to use LDD. John covers the interface functions, the available parts elements, and features sample projects showing how to build complete MOCs from start to finish.

Technique: Curves and Circles
Led by Mark Choi
Struggling to make a curve lines and circular shapes? Mark will present his approach to making these shapes from bricks.

Community: The Minifigure in Urban Art
Led by Roy Cook
The minifigure appears surprisingly often in urban art (including graffiti, street sculpture, online art communities, etc.) In this talk Roy will explain the attraction of the image of the minifigure in such contexts by comparing it to the notion of a platform in the designer art toy scene.

Community: Bricklink Start-up Lessons Learned
Led by James Talaga
After nearly thirty years of collecting, James opened a Bricklink store in February. The store is already up to 150,000 items listed and over 400 orders. When fully operational, it will have probably 300-400,000 pieces. James will review the background of the store, how he started, and lessons learned in a presentation/open discussion format.

Technique: What’s in Your Toolbox?
Led by Christopher Florian
When building our creations we all have our favorite tools. But, as we work with these magical plastic bricks we find that a brick separator alone (or in large numbers) just isn’t enough. In this session Chris will share the tools and techniques he uses when building MOCs.

Technique: Rebuilding Wright
Led by Chris Eyerly and Jameson Gagnepain
What does it take to make LEGO Wright right? Come listen as Chris and Jameson - members of Kenosha LEGO Users Group (KLUG) and builders of multiple large scale Chicago area Frank Lloyd Wright models - share techniques, building styles, and detailed pictures of their creations.

Technique: Super Size It! Making Small Buildings Large
Led by Rae McCormick
Lots of building is done in minifigure scale and in microscale. But not a lot is done Super Sized. Building large may be expensive, but it’s fun, and the detail that is possible really makes it worthwhile. To encourage you to give it a shot, Rae will give a presentation on the design and construction of her large-scale residences. Building tips and examples will be drawn from both her Victorians (see on line at and her Katrina Cottage-Inspired Wisconsin Home on display at Brickworld 2015.

Technique: Bricks and a Story: Making a Brick Comic
Led by Dennis Price
Using bricks and minifgures to portray characters and tell stories. Glomshire Knights author Dennis Price will peel back the curtain to reveal how anyone can tell a story (or a joke) using bricks and a camera.

Technique: Modeling with ME Models Track
Led by Anthony Sava
A presentation and demonstration on ballasting and installing the new third party ME Models train track in train displays. Come see for yourself how the ME Models track compares to official LEGO track, and hear accounts of real world experience with how they perform. A question and answer period will follow.

Community: Herding Cats: Successfully Executing a Large Scale Collaboration
Led by Dave Sterling, Heath Flor, Mark Larson, and Simon Liu
Have you ever wondered how large scale collaborations at conventions like Brickworld are organized? How build standards are conceived? How it all comes together at the convention? Have you ever thought about running your own collaborative build? Do you want to hear all the dirt on what goes right (and wrong) behind the scenes? If any of these questions have crossed your mind, then come join our collaboration experts for a panel on large scale collaborative building. We’ll discuss all that goes into successfully executing a large scale collaborative build and some of the pitfalls that can be avoided with some careful planning (and maybe a bit of luck).

Community: Railbricks
Led by Cale Leiphart
Railbricks (the online magazine for LEGO Train fans) will conduct a special presentation. Cale, a contributor to the magazine, will take you through Railbrick’s history and also tell you how you can contribute to the magazine. He will also tell you where Railbricks is and its future plans. Find out about this great magazine and how you can be part of it!

Technique: Updating the Classics
Led by Are J Heiseldal
For the past four years, Are has been updating old Classic Town sets he had as a kid to make them to a modern LEGO City look. The modern versions are more realistic, more detailed, and thanks to new brick types, smoother and more streamlined. In this presentation he will explain how he approached the challenge of modernizing the sets that he loved so much, by trying to apply the modern City style to the essence of Classic Town. All the sets are on display at Brickworld, along with the original versions.

Technique: Model Railroading with Bricks
Led by Michael Gale and Cale Leiphart
Can the brick serve as a viable medium for traditional scale and prototype model railroading? On the surface, it seems counter-intuitive given the relatively coarse geometry and limited palette of elements available. However; in practice, many builders are creating model trains and layouts with dazzling and sublime levels of scale prototype fidelity. In this session, we will review the current state-of-the-art in the model train theme. We will make the case for legitimizing brick built model trains among the traditional "scale" standards. In doing so, we will highlight the challenges we face in this hobby and then explore remedies and opportunities in the face of these challenges. We will conclude by looking to the future - we believe it is a hobby with great potential and unique advantages. Most importantly, it is great fun!

Community: "Bound" + Q&A
Led by Greg Tull
Come see as Greg presents the feature length stop motion movie "Bound" from Monitogo Studios. And, the film team answers questions afterwards.

Technique: Castle & Pirate Microbuilding Basics
Led by David Gregory and Ben Ellermann
Have you ever wanted to build an epic, action-filled, rolling landscape, but didn’t have the pieces to do it? Join David and Ben as they show you how to make an impressive microscale display with a literal handful of pieces. This presentation provides tips on using pieces in microscale building differently than you would typically use them in minifig scale building. You will see examples of micro MOCs from the many great micro builders out there. This presentation will also include the unveiling of the 2015 Brickworld Castle-Pirate microscale kit. The kits will be available to purchase for $30.  Cash only please.

Community: LEGO as a Ministry
Led by Jeff Viens and Ben Merrill
Roundtable discussion about how faith plays a part in our hobby. Ways we can talk to others about our faith through our hobby. And, the advantages our hobby gives us.

Community: Where did the Imagination Go?
Led by Mike McDermott and Billy McDermott
Mike and Billy will lead a roundtable discussion on how themes have changed over time. For example, what happened to Bionicle? Why is the Space theme still in City? Please come and share your thoughts as part of this group discussion.

Community: Where do you Keep Your Parts?
Led by Mike McDermott
Mike will lead a roundtable discussion geared towards AFOLs that discusses how builders sort their personal inventory of parts. Do you keep it in bins? Is it sorted by color, theme, part type, or another way? Bring your knowledge and ideas and share with others.

Community: Beyond the Brick - Youtube Channel
Led by Joshua Hanlon and Matthew Kay
Josh and Matthew cover the history of their online show and what they do with convention coverage and other online activity. They will also accept questions from the audience.

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