Brickworld began with a single convention/expo event in 2007 and is expanding to holding 4 annual events in 2014.

Brickworld was founded under the prinicples of getting together with existing friends and making new friends.  Our motto (Share - Learn - Explore - Discover) reflects our intent to be not only a fun event, but also an educational event where LEGO artists and engineers learn from each other.

A major element of the Chicago convention is the spirit of giving.  Registered attendees come to share their knowledge with others through seminars, workshops, and impromptu discussions.  But the spirit of giving does not stop there.  Each year we hold an auction to raise money for charities.  Items in the auction are also donated by sponsors and attendees.  Over the years, the charity auction has become more and more prominent at the event and adds a lot to the fun.

Our exposition events are intended to inspire everyone that attends from the youngest child to the oldest adult.  Even if you do not build with LEGO, these creations will help you dream of possibilities.

Brickworld, LLC

P.O. Box 7114
Fishers, IN  46037
317-572-LEGO (317-572-5346)

Next Public Expo

Brickworld Lafayette 2015
November 21-22, 2015
at the Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds

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