General Info for Full Registrant

Full Registration Cost: $TBD per person

Who should become a Full Registrant attendee?
AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) and TFOLs (Teen Fans of LEGO) that want to spend the weekend as part of a large family of LEGO loving people. This is a great opportunity to share your MOCs (My Own Creations), learn new building techniques, and make new friends.

What does Full Registration include?
  1. Access to Opening Ceremonies (Thursday Evening)
  2. Access to Workshops (Thursday) - Prior Registration Required
  3. Access to Presentations (Friday) - NO Additional Registration Required
  4. Access to Event Hall during non-public hours (Thursday - Sunday)
  5. Access to Event Hall during public hours (Saturday - Sunday)
  6. Access to Kidsworld Kids Event (Friday)
  7. Access to World of Lights
  8. Eligible to participate in Weekend Contests
  9. Eligible to participate in Weekend Games
  10. Eligible to participate in Set Drafts
  11. Access to Closing Ceremonies (Sunday)
  12. Goody Bag
    1. Brickworld Commemorative Brick
    2. Brickworld Lanyard/Badge Reel
    3. Brickworld Minifig
    4. One (1) Courtesy Public Day Pass (to be used for family or friend ONLY)
    5. TBD
  13. Option to purchase Merchandise (While Supplies Last)
    1. Engraved Name Badge (Preorder Item Only)
    2. Brickworld Polo Shirt (Preorder item only)
    3. Brickworld T-Shirt
    4. Event Kit (Limited Quantity)
  14. Access to Charity Auction
  15. Eligible to Display MOCs (Individual & Collaborative) - Must Request Display Space
  16. Eligible for Raffle Prizes
  17. Eligible for Grand Prize Raffle
  18. Eligible for Brickworld Awards
When & Where do I pick up my Badge & Goody Bag?
You can pick them up at the registration booth in the convention hall. At a later date, we will post the hours that the registration booth will be open.

MOC Registration

Who Can Display Their MOCs (My Own Creations)?
Full Registrants are eligible to display their creations. There is NO extra charge to display your creations, but you MUST be registered as a Full Registrant.

Do I have to Request Table Space for my MOCs?
Yes.  Requesting table space for your MOCs is different than registering for the convention. This is where you request the actual tables/space needed to display your creations. You cannot display your MOCs without requesting table space. You can request table space using this link.

Is there an Extra Charge to Request Table Space for my MOCs?
No, MOC Table Space Registration is included in the cost of your Full Registration.

How big are the Tables and how Many can I get?
Tables are 8 feet long by 30 inches wide. Theoretically there is no limit to the number of tables you can use for displaying. But, we do try to make sure there is room for anyone that wants to display. So, please do not use more space than you need. The more space you request, the more likely it is that there will be questions.  Conversion:  8 ft x 30 inches is 304 studs x 96 studs.  Or, in 48 stud base plates it is 6 1/3 x 2.  Or, in 32 stud base plates it is 12 1/2 x 3.

How do I Request Table Space for my MOCs?
You request table space by going here and entering your display information.  If the layout coordinators have questions or requests, you will receive an email.

What is the Deadline to Request Table Space for my MOCs?
May 2, 2016 is the LAST day to request table space for your MOCs.

Is MOC Cards and Awards Registration different than MOC Table Space Registration?
Yes, MOC Cards and Awards Registration is when you request MOC Cards for your display. The MOC Card gives the name of your creation and the creators name. A MOC Card is required in order for your MOC to be eligible for awards.

How do I Register for MOC Cards and Awards?
Log into your Brickworld account at  Then on your registration page you will see an Add MOC button about halfway down the page.  You simply click on this and enter information. 

What is the Deadline to Request MOC Cards?
May 16, 2016 is the LAST day to request MOC Cards.

What can I Display at Brickworld
You may display creations that are built from LEGO bricks. They should be things you created, not boxed sets. All visible parts of the display should be made of LEGO parts (lighting being the one exception)

When can I Set up and Take down my Display?
Displays can be set up Thursday and Friday. Displays MUST be set up no later than 8 a.m. Saturday and CANNOT be taken down until 3 p.m. Sunday. If you cannot meet these requirements, then please contact us to discuss alternatives for your display.

Where & When Do I Unload?
Displays should be brought in through the loading docks behind the convention center or through the large door on the side of the convention center. We will set up blocks of time when you may unload on Thursday and Friday. These times will be posted at a later date. Please bring your own carts to move your items, as there will not be any carts available for your use. Carts may NOT be taken through the carpeted areas of the convention center or hotel.

What is a Collaborative Display?
A collaborative display is when several people contribute individual MOC(s) to create one larger display. Typically there are guidelines for these posted on the website. We encourage everyone to participate in collaborative displays, as it is a wonderful way to meet new people and learn from others.

If I am part of a collaborative Display or a Group Display, do I need to Reserve Table Space?
Only the person that is in charge of the collaborative or group display should reserve table space for the entire display. You should only request table space for MOCs that are NOT part of a collaborative or group display (unless you are coordinating the collaborative or group display). For example, lets say David is bringing the following MOCs
  • 3 MOCs that will be part of the Castle Collaboration
  • 4 MOCs that will be part of the a group display that his friend, Kevin, is organizing
  • 6 MOCs that he will be displaying by himself
So, David only needs to reserve table space for the 6 MOCs that he will be displaying by himself. The Castle Coordinator will reserve table space for the Castle Collaboration, and his friend, Kevin, should reserve table space for the group display.

David should, however, communicate with both the Castle Coordinator and Kevin to let them know how much space he will need as part of their displays.

Door Prizes

Grand Prize Drawing:
All Full Registrants will have their name automatically entered into the Grand Prize Drawing. The Grand Prize winner(s) will be announced at the Awards Ceremonies on Sunday. YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN.

Door Prize Raffle:
All Full Registrants will have their name automatically entered into the Door Prize Drawing. The first round of door prize winners will be posted on Thursday. The second/last round of door prize winners will be posted on Friday. The winners will be posted outside the registration booth. Check the list Thursday and Friday to see if you are a winner.

You must present your Brickworld badge or photo ID to claim your prize.

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