Collaborative Displays

The Brickworld Team is proud to announce the following open collaborative displays for this year’s event:

  • Castle & Pirate microscale collaboration - (info here)
  • Pirate collaboration in minifig scale - (info here)
  • M-Tron - (info here)
  • Great Ball Contraption - (info here)
  • Micropolis - (to the TwinLUG spec)
  • Sky scraper - (build as many levels as you would like, using these instructions and decorate the interior as you see fit). Feel free to build levels that have more height than the spec. Just add rows of windows.
  • Mini Con - This is a miniland scale build. You can build your display in miniland scale and add it to the mini con. It is also helpful if you build a couple people to go with it. The instructions for mini con are pretty simple.
  • Build-On-The-Spot Minecraft Layout - This is an experiemental build where Brickworld is providing parts and a scheduled time for people to get together and construct a Minecraft layout as a group collaboration. At the end of the show, it will be torn down and the parts will be put away for use again next year. So, check the schedule if you want to participate!

See links for more information on those collaborations.

These collaborations are open to Full Attendees to bring elements of the display and they are coordinated by the event organizers.  If you and your friends are bringing a collaborative display and want to open it for others to participate, please contact us to discuss and get it added to this list.

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