The Brickworld Team is proud to announce the following challenges for this year’s event (Check back to this page for other challenges that get added):

  • Minifigure Speed Build (rules here)
  • Guess The Minifigure - you get a limited time to identify up to 10 collectible minifigures in their bags just like you do in the store. See who can identify the most. You only get one shot at it. So, make it count. *-all 10 figures will come from the same series
  • Build-on-the-Spot (BOTS) Challenge - you get the rules at TBD Thursday of the event.  The competition starts at TBD Thursday.  You only get a few hours to develop a strategy, build your solution, and program it (if necessary)
  • LEGO Derby - Pinewood Derby with LEGO cars - (rules here)
  • LEGO Un-Derby - Pinewood Derby with LEGO cars with a twist. The cars are driving UP the track - (rules here)
  • Pull Back Drag Racing - Use a standard LEGO wind up motor in a pull back dragster and see who goes the fastest and who goes the farthest (rules here)
  • Train Racing (rules here)
  • Boat Race - both a drag race across the pool and a course race to challenge your turning ability (yes, it is really in the pool) (rules here)
  • Sumo Robot Wrestling (rules here)
  • Tug of War (rules here)
  • Dirty Buildster (rules here)
  • Battletrack Monorail Challenge (rules here)
  • Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! Building Challenge - Steve provides the pieces and you build a space themed ship/vehicle/mech. The pieces are mostly unsorted but there are some separated out “space” pieces. The bricks are dumped out on the table then it is pretty much a free for all for you to find the pieces you want to use. Steve may provide a seed part you have to use. The entry that impresses Steve the most is the winner. The uses of interesting pieces in cool ways, ingenuity, and color scheme all influences my decision. (note: you do not get to keep what you build. The parts belong to Steve)

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