Brickworld Team:

Adam Reed TuckerFounder
Bryan BonahoomExecutive Director & Co-Founder
Kathie BonahoomEvent Manager
Eric ArndtINSciTE Coordinator
Thomas AtkinsonGBC Coordinator
John BrostMindstorms Competition Co-Coordinator
Roy T CookDirty Brickster & Buildster Coordinator
Mike CottermanWeb Site Coordinator
Brian DavisMindstorms Competition Co-Coordinator
Matt De LanoyAwards Coordinator
Benjamin EllermannPirate Coordinator
David GregoryCastle Coordinator
Heather HassenplugRaffle Coordinator
Steve HassenplugMindstorms Competition Co-Coordinator
Ashley HolleyCoordinator
Michael HuffmanWeb Site Coordinator
Mark LarsonGraphics & MOC Card Coordinator
Kevin LauerLogistics Co-Coordinator
Alice P. Leber-CookNew Attendee Coordinator
Simon LiuSciFi Coordinator
Steve McDonoughM-Tron Coordinator
Joe MenoPhotographer
Jeremy MoodyMinifig Speedbuild Contest Coordinator
David PaganoCinema Co-Coordinator
Kyle PetersonAuction Co-Coordinator
Rachel PetersonAuction Co-Coordinator
David PickettCinema Co-Coordinator
Larry PieniazekAuctioneer
Alison SanchezLogistics Co-Coordinator
Dave SterlingCollaboration Coordinator
Robin WernerParts Draft Coordinator
Brian WilliamsTrain Coordinator
Lukas WinklerPrinsSciFi/Military Coordinator

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Brickworld Lafayette 2015
November 21-22, 2015
at the Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds

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