2014 Club Brickworld and Sponsorship Information

Membership costs and benefits are per event unless otherwise noted.

For questions or more information, contact us at 317-572-LEGO (5346) or email club@brickworld.us

Membership Plate Level Black Blue Red Yellow White
Member Fees & Rewards $5,000 $2,500 $500 $250 $05
Your logo4 and a link to your page on the event specific website through 2014 X X X X X
Recognition in our Facebook®, Twitter®, and Google+® feeds. X X X X X
Public admission passes 20 10 4 2  
1x8 bricks with membership level, event, & year engraved 10 5 2 1  
You can provide fliers to be placed in the convention goody bag1 and on the information table during public hours X X X X  
Your name/company name will be included in the event program and announced during opening and closing ceremonies1 X X X    
Drink tickets for use during charity reception1 20 10 2    
Your name/company logo4 will be displayed on posters at the event X X X    
You can provide banners of the specified quantity and size to hang at the event (banner will be returned to you after the event) 3 2x 6'x10' or 1x 6'x20' 1x 6'x10'      
Your name/company logo4 will be displayed on floor decals at the event 10 5      
Monetary values of physical donations are calculated from the cost of the donation, not the retail price and only a maximum of Red Plate membership may be achieved on physical donations alone.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Interactive Play Area and Brick Film Theater1 - minimum of Red Plate member + $500. Your name/logo on a sign at the entrance to the activity. Other opportunities available. Please call to discuss.

Event Title Sponsor - Black Plate member + $25,000 (deadline January 31, 2014 for Chicago, and May 31, 2014 for Fort Wayne). Details are available upon request.

1 - Applies to Chicago event only
2 - Includes all Brickworld events for the remainder of the calendar year
3 - Alternative arrangements are possible for banner production if needed
4 - Artwork of proper resolution must be provided to Brickworld by specified date
5 - An advertisement for the event and link to Brickworld’s web site must be displayed on the front page of your web site for a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the event

Next Public Expo

Brickworld Chicago 2014
June 14 - 15, 2014
Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center
Schaumburg, Illinois

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