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Set Draft Ticketing is Here

Are you ready to start planning your time at Brickworld this year? The set draft schedule has been subtly released. And, while it is still subject to change if there are conflicts that need to be resolved, it should be pretty solid. You can’t see the schedule on the schedule page yet though. But, it will be there soon.

You can see the schedule for each draft at the bottom of your My Page when you log into your Brickworld account and are registered for the event.  Why on your My Page?  Well, we have been working on adding a new feature to the web site and it is ready to go.  We see big things for this feature in the future.  Meanwhile, we are starting small with a bunch of free stuff!!  Signing up for set drafts is free.  You need to bring your own new, unopened set to the draft to join in the fun.  And, you will need a ticket…a FREE ticket…to that draft.  And, you can get these free tickets on your My Page just below the pre-order items.

Doing a ticketing process for the set drafts will also help us know if there is a draft that is not of interest or a draft where there are so many people that we need to give it some extra attention.  So, this will help in our planning.  If you plan to bring 2 sets to a draft for yourself, please sign up for 2 tickets.  If you are a mom signing up your kids, get each one that will have a set their own ticket.

There are 24 different drafts to choose from.  So, choose wisely!!

Things are shaping up for the show.  We are getting into crunch time.  With many deadlines approaching (like display space and MOC cards), we are sure you are all building your creations and your excitement with us!

We look forward to seeing everyone in June.

Brickworld Film Festival

We’re very excited to announce the sixth annual Brickworld Film Festival! The event theme for Brickworld Chicago 2017 is “Lights, Camera, Bricks!”, so we’re opening up the film festival to filmmakers from all over the world for the first time ever.

We want this to be the best brickfilm festival ever, so we have very few eligibility requirements (see the official rules below). Your film doesn’t have to be recently made or contain any specific theme. We want your best work of all time. All eligible films will screen continuously in the Brickfilm Theater for the duration of Brickworld Chicago. The attendees of Brickworld Chicago will vote on the films to decide the winners. We’ve also pulled together a pretty awesome prize pack for the winner.

And while attending Brickworld Chicago isn’t required to enter the contest, we highly recommend it. In addition to the film festival, we will be running a LEGO animation workshop, screening a special film, showcasing models from our latest animations and just generally hanging out and talking about LEGO.

Official Rules

  • Anyone can enter a film in the festival, but you must be a Full Registrant of Brickworld Chicago to be eligible for the “Best Film” Trophy.
  • Your film must be longer than 30 seconds and shorter than 5 minutes in length.
  • Your film must be uploaded to YouTube.
  • Your film should use LEGO elements to tell a story. It can be animated or live action, or a combination of the two.
  • Your film must not have been submitted to any previous Brickworld Film Festival.
  • By entering your film for consideration, you attest that you hold all rights to exhibit the given work. This includes (but is not limited to) visuals, music, and characters. Unlicensed use of copyrighted material is not allowed.
  • Limit one (1) entry per director.
  • Films should be enjoyable by all ages. Film content such as (but not limited to) curse words/swearing, excessive violence, sexual content, and drug use will be grounds for disqualification.
  • To submit, e-mail by June 5, 2017 with the following information:
    • A link to your film on YouTube
    • A completed entry form
  • There will be two winners of the festival
    • Best of Brickworld Chicago – a Brickworld “Best Film” trophy will be awarded to the film submitted by a Brickworld Chicago Full Registrant that receives the most votes from the audience at Brickworld Chicago.
    • Best of Brickworld International – a Prize Pack (approximate retail value $250 USD) will be awarded to the film that receives the most votes from the audience at Brickworld Chicago.
  • By submitting your film, the Brickworld Film Festival is granted the right to use and/or publish clips or the full videos, screenshots, director and crew names, and any other material related to an entry in the event program, the Brickworld Film Festival screening, the Brickworld website, re-screenings at future Brickworld events, and for any and all promotional purposes.

Prize Pack Details

  • 8077: Atlantis Exploration HQ
  • 60134: Fun in the Park – City People Pack
  • 21103: The DeLorean Time Machine
  • 71238: Cyberman
  • Misc. Collectable Minifigures (x6)
  • 40021: Spiders
  • 852948: Female Minifigure Magnets
  • 6868: Hulk’s Hellicarrier Breakout
  • 852690: Designer’s Toolset
  • Medieval and WWII BrickStix packs
  • Signed copy of Brickjournal Issue #14
  • Signed copy of The LEGO Animation Book

If you have any questions, please e-mail We look forward to seeing your films!

2017 Brickworld Charity Beard Shave Challenge

One of our long time attendees and best friend of Brickworld and all attendees, Jeff, has offered to shave a beard that we have never seen shaved to help raise money for the annual Esther Walner Memorial Charity Fundraiser.   Let’s all help reach the goal of a clean face for Jeff.

You can donate via the Brickworld web site.  100% of the proceeds go to the fundraiser.

You can read more about the fundraiser here.  Or, you can click to go directly to the Beard Shave Challenge to learn more and donate.

Thank you in advance for your support of the fundraiser!!!

Brickworld Chicago Hotel is Almost Full. Book Now!

The hotel for Brickworld Chicago is filling up fast!  Book your hotel room now!  Brickworld has set up a room block at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel at a room rate of $144/night.  To make your hotel reservations, click here.

You may also call the Group Reservations phone numbers to make your reservation.

Reservations Toll Free: 877-303-0104

Reservations Local Phone: 847-303-4016

IMPORTANT:  The hotel itself (not just our room block) will most likely be sold out Saturday, June 17, 2017.  They may also sell out on Tuesday, June 13, and Wednesday, June 14.  We suggest you make your reservations sooner rather than later.  If you have issues getting the room type and/or nights you want, please feel free to let us know.  We may be able to help.  Send us an email using the Contact Us form on the website.

2017 Brickworld Chicago Set Drafts and Leaders

Are you registered for Brickworld Chicago?  Do you want to lead an activity but don’t want to get in too deep?  Do you participate in set drafts?  Well, then a set draft leadership role is probably for you.

We have published a preliminary list of sets that will be drafted during the Chicago convention.  You can find that list here.

There are quite a few drafts just like last year.  Some are small.  Some are bigger.  If you are interested in leading a set draft or two, please sign up for a leadership role from your My Page.

Let’s see how many of the leader positions we can fill up fast so we can start to see the schedule for the event come together.  And, don’t forget, since you are leading the draft, you may as well participate in it too!

We still have room for presentations and round table discussions.  If you have a topic, it is virtually guaranteed you will have an audience!!

June will be here before we know it.  Planning is now in high gear!

2017 Keynote Speaker

We are pleased to announce our 2017 Keynote Speaker will be Ms. Olivia Donahue.

Olivia is a 21 year old college student studying Visual Arts. Olivia has been a LEGO fan and builder since she was a young child. And, she and her family have been attending Brickworld since the beginning in 2007 when she was 11 years old. In 2009, as a 13 year old, she made a presentation at Brickworld discussing the differences in the way girls and boys play with LEGO. The LEGO personnel attending the show were so impressed with her insights that they set up a private meeting between Olivia, owner Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, and then CEO Jørgen Vig Knudstorp.

Olivia has continued to develop her insights into play and her own personal experience of turning from a Kid Fan of LEGO (KFOL), to a Teen Fan of LEGO (TFOL), to an Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL) during the incredible community upsurge in the last 10 years.  She will be sharing some of the things she has learned along the way and how the hobby can impact your life in ways you might not have imagined.

We hope you join us in our excitement in this year’s Keynote Speaker!

2017 Artwork

We are excited to be unveiling the 2017 Chicago program cover artwork.  This year’s theme is embodied throughout the art.  We hope you enjoy the artwork!  Thanks to Mark Larson for his talent and efforts in developing the art.  A job well done.

Inclusivity Focus

While the concept of inclusivity is not new to our shows, we are excited to be formalizing the push for inclusivity focus in our Brickworld displays!  To that end, we launched a new page on our web site today to help encourage fans displaying at our shows to think about characteristics of their displays in a new way to help engage more people.  You can find the page under the About menu or just click here.

Call for Activities

Leader sign up is now open on the Brickworld web site. If you are registered to attend the Chicago convention, you can go to your My Page and select My Leader Roles to enter any activities you would like to lead.

For those that are new to the convention, the content of the convention is driven by the attendees.  We rely on you to make Brickworld the wonderful event that it is.  So, if you have a topic to discuss, a community interest story, a process for building, a game, an activity, a workshop….whatever…we encourage you to sign up to lead a session and add to the fun of the event.

We apologize for the delay in opening leader sign up.  Honestly, we thought it opened January 1st with everything else.  But, we missed 1 click of the mouse to make it happen.

If you have questions about your activity and whether it would be good for the show, enter it.  We have never rejected an activity.  If we have concerns, we will let you know.  Chances are, if you are excited about it, we will find a way to make it work!!

New Brickworld Slogan

We are testing the water on a new slogan:  Fun Comes First at Brickworld!!

Let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter.

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